Interview Of Roger Blobaum On Organic History

April 17, 2019

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture History Research Grants

December 15, 2016

Video. Organic History: Origins and Evolution of the Organic Movement

May 8, 2014

Food Sleuth Radio Interview

April 18, 2014

Selected Organic History Milestones

February 5, 2014

1974-1976 Photos · China Agriculture Pre-Industrialization

January 7, 2014

International Accreditation Progamme Brochure

June 1, 2004

International Organic Accreditation Service

June 1, 2004

National Campaign For Sustainable Agriculture – Organic Committee

March 1, 2004

How We All Work Together

May 21, 2003

Identifying The Unsung Heros

October 6, 2001

Organic Watch Press Release: April 30, 1998

April 30, 1998

Organic Watch’s 16 Issues of Major Concern

February 1, 1998

Organic Watch Press Release: December 12, 1997

December 12, 1997


November 19, 1995

We Support the Campaign For Sustainable Agriculture

March 27, 1995

National Dialogue Committee on Sustainable Agriculture

July 11, 1992

Organic Production Act Debate August 1, 1990

August 1, 1990

Letter Designating The Team To Write The USDA 1980 Report and Recommendation on Organic Farming

April 16, 1979

Wisconsin Historical Society is Documenting the Story of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Movement || Nov 2013

November 20, 2013

Descriptions of Roger Blobaum’s Organic and Related Papers on this Website and at the Wisconsin Historical Society

November 21, 2013

Wisconsin Historical Society Organic History Collection

October 21, 2013

A Brief History of the Organic Farming Movement in the Midwest in the 1970s

February 26, 2011

INSIDE ORGANIC: Government Study Linking Pesticides and Cancer Supports Health Enhancing Benefits of Organic Food and Farming (Sept 2010)

September 1, 2010

Presentation at the Organic Field Day At Lamberton, Minnesota titled “Organic Research Then And Now” | July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

Speech “The Evolution Of Organic Research From The 1970s to 2010” given at the U of M Lamberton Research Station | July 2010

July 8, 2010

RADIO INTERVIEW: Earth Day, DDT and Organic History, Roger Blobaum, April 2010

April 22, 2010

Presentation on Global Accreditation of Certifiers, Collaboration with Government Authorities and National Accreditors, and Other Organic Trade Harmonizing Activities of the International Organic Accreditation Service | 2008

March 20, 2008

Guest Commentary published in the “OFARM Quarterly” – Organic Farmers and Consumers Face New Challenge: Stopping Government Backsliding on Organic Integrity 2006

November 1, 2006

INSIDE ORGANIC: Agency Solicits Research Agenda Input From Organic Farmers For Poorly-Funded 5-Year National Organic Research Program (Nov 06)

October 1, 2006

INSIDE ORGANIC: Wal-Mart’s Move into Organic Retailing Creates Concern and Uncertainty in the Organic Sector (Sept 06)

September 1, 2006

INSIDE ORGANIC: Expanding and Mainstreaming Organic Without the Loss of Integrity: The Proposed National Organic Action Plan Can Help Make That Happen (July 06)

July 1, 2006

INSIDE ORGANIC: Naming Industry Representatives to Consumer Slots Upsets the Balance And Undermines the Integrity of the National Organic Standards Board (May 06)

May 1, 2006

INSIDE ORGANIC: The Search Is Underway for the Missing Organic Farmer Voice (March 06)

March 1, 2006

Presentation on Organic Integrity Workshop at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference 2006

February 25, 2006

INSIDE ORGANIC: Big Push Underway to Make Organic Farming a 2007 Farm Bill Priority (Jan 06)

January 1, 2006

INSIDE ORGANIC: Hill Fight Signals Alarming Shift in How Organic Policy Is Made (Nov 05)

November 1, 2005

INSIDE ORGANIC: The Public Benefits of Organic Farming and Why They Matter: An Urgent Call to Action to Get This Important Story Told (Sept. 05)

September 1, 2005

Presentation at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference – Getting the Organic Message Out to Consumers | 2005

February 25, 2005

Presentation at the OFARM Annual Meeting – Political Action Needed to Turn Back Threats to Organic Integrity 2004

February 25, 2004

Presentation: The Role of Accreditation In Accessing the Global Organic Marketplace | 2003

May 16, 2003

A speech presented at the Woodrow Wilson Center titled “Sustainable Agriculture In China” | 2003

March 13, 2003

Remarks at the Organic Valley Reception Washington, D.C. October 2, 2002

October 2, 2002

Presentation at the Upper Midwest Organic Conference: Organic Farming Has Gone Global | 2001

March 16, 2001

Presentation given in Beijing, China titled “Organic Food Exports from China to the United States” | 2000

April 25, 2000

Vision Document Produced by the Soul of Agriculture project: Soul Of Agriculture: A Production Ethic For the 21st Century, Creating A New Vision Of Farming | 1998

July 1, 1998

Invitation to “Soul Of Agriculture Get-Together” to Participate in the Creation of a Vision Document | 1998

June 1, 1998

Presentation at the Upper Midwest Organic Conference 1998

February 20, 1998

“The Sixty-Six Points of Darkness” || January 15-16, 1998

January 15, 1998

The Soul Of Agriculture Conference Descriptive Summary | 1997

November 14, 1997

Program for the National Conference – The Soul Of Agriculture | 1997

November 14, 1997

Book Chapter in “For All Generations: Making World Agriculture More Sustainable ” Publicly Funded Models Supporting Sustainable Agriculture: Four Model Profiles 1997

June 25, 1997

Book Chapter in “For All Generations: Making World Agriculture More Sustainable” – The Worldwide Expansion of Organic Farming: Its Potential Contribution to a Global Transition to Sustainable Agriculture 1997

June 25, 1997

Report by WSAA to the Commission for Sustainable Development of the United Nations – Publicly Funded Models Supporting Sustainable Agriculture: Twenty Model Profiles 1997

April 2, 1997

Testimony to the US Senate Agriculture Committee on the Organic Rule 1997

March 2, 1997

A speech on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in Asia | 1996

October 26, 1996

Earth Summit Article titled Two Years After Rio: Progress in Making a Global Transition to Sustainable Agriculture 1995

December 11, 1995

Paper titled Current Status and Future Prospects in Selected Countries | 1995

October 1, 1995

Paper on the Earmarked Grants Program, a Regional Environmental Center program that makes grants to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) | 1995

September 1, 1995

Presentation to the Green Food Association, Xian, China 1995

March 29, 1995

Earth Summit: Draft Framework for NGO Working Group on Sustainable Agriculture 1995

March 3, 1995

Presentation given to the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources Republic of Moldova | 1994

July 8, 1994

Statement in response to the USDA Organic Livestock Hearing Notice dated Dec. 30, 1993: 1994

April 4, 1994

Public Input to the National Organic Standards Board 1993

May 16, 1993

Sustainable Agriculture: An Organic Vision for the 21st Century

March 20, 1993

Presentation at the Upper Midwest Organic Conference – Organic Farmers and the Feds: Can This Relationship Be Saved? 1993

March 6, 1993

A paper titled Organic Food and Farming; Development of Ecologically-Sound Agriculture Around the World 1993

March 2, 1993

Article published in the “Wisconsin Academy Review” – Report from Rio: Focus on Sustainable Agriculture 1992

December 7, 1992

Earth Summit Report presentated at the Issues and Answers Forum of the UN Conference on Environment & Development 1992

November 18, 1992

Article published in “NUTRITION ACTION: Health Newsletter” – Signed, Certified…& Organic -1992

November 1, 1992

Presentation on Food Safety at the National IPM Forum 1992

June 19, 1992

Earth Summit NGO Action Treaties On Sustainable Development June 11,1992

June 11, 1992

Earth Summit NGO Food Security Treaty JUNE 11, 1992

June 11, 1992

Earth Summit NGO Sustainable Agriculture Treaty JUNE 11, 1992

June 11, 1992

Timetable and Plan for the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro | 1992

June 3, 1992

Proposals for Language On Sustainable Agriculture In Agenda 21 | 1992

April 3, 1992

Original OFAC Grant 1992

March 15, 1992

Preconfence Informational Paper on the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), or Earth Summit Global Forum | 1992

March 11, 1992

Paper Describing the Structure, Purpose, and Activities of the Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture

February 29, 1992

Biography of Roger Blobaum Director of Americans for Safe Food 1989-1992

February 29, 1992

Presentation on Food Safety as the National Director of Americans for Safe Food 1990s

February 12, 1992

Comments given in Brussels on Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Organisms 1989-1992

February 12, 1992

Remarks on the Organic Food Production Act at the Eco-Farm Conference 1992

January 24, 1992

Article published in “The Environmental Magazine” – Eating As If the Earth Mattered 1992

January 1, 1992

Inaugural Meeting of the World Sustainable Agriculture Association | September 1991

September 6, 1991

Information on the World Sustainable Agriculture Association: Goals, Mission, Policies 1991-1996

August 3, 1991

Goals and Directors of the World Sustainable Agriculture Association 1991-1996

March 2, 1991

First Nominations Submitted For the National Organic Standards Board 1990

December 31, 1990

Original Invitation to join the Organic Farmer’s Association Council 1990

December 6, 1990

Presentation on Food Safety to the Joint Meeting of Northeast Region Extension/Research Directors 1990

July 10, 1990

Organic Food Production Act: Statement to the joint hearing of the Domestic Marketing, Consumer Relations, & Nutrition Subcommittee and the Department Operations, Research, & Foreign Agriculture Subcommittee House Committee on Agriculture 1990

June 19, 1990

Organic Food Production Act: TRANSCRIPT of statement to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture 1990

June 19, 1990

Organic Food Production Act: TRANSCRIPT of Testimony and Delivery of Petitions to US Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry 1990

March 26, 1990

Organic Food Production Act S. 2108: Presentation of 136,000 consumer signatures to Senator Patrick Leahy and the Senate Subcommitee on Agriculture 1990

March 22, 1990

Testimony in support of Delegate Hattery’s Bill to establish a Maryland state organic certification and labeling program given to the Environment Matters Committee Maryland House of Delegates 1990

March 6, 1990

List of Participants of the Organic Farmers Associations Council Convening Assembly 1990

December 29, 1989

Brochure of the Organic Farmers Association Council | 1989

November 30, 1989

Presentation on the Food Safety Panel to the Western Association of State Departments of Agriculture | 1989

August 14, 1989

Lynn Johnston’s Cartoon Bashes Organic in Montery Peninsula Herald | 1984

April 30, 1984

Chapter 5 in the book “Protecting Farmlands” – Farming on the Urban Fringe | 1984

January 10, 1984

Statement to the Hearing of the Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power Committee on Energy and Commerce | 1983

June 28, 1983

Book Chapter in “Environmentally Sound Agriculture” – Barriers to Conversion to Organic Farming Practices in the Midwestern United States | 1983

January 1, 1983

Book Chapter in “Agriculture as a Producer and Consumer of Energy” – Toward Energy Self-Sufficiency: The Small Farm Energy Project Experience | 1982

May 1, 1982

Presention At The Caribbean Renewable Energy Symposium, Kingston, Jamaica – Solar Applications in U.S. Agriculture | 1981

July 28, 1981

Statement for Joint Hearing to the House and Senate on Energy Conservation & Supply | 1979

April 30, 1979

Statement to House Agriculture Committee On Energy Saving Innovations Of Small Farmers | 1977

May 24, 1977

Research Article in “The American Journal of Agricultural Economics” – Economic Performance and Energy Intensiveness on Organic and Conventional Farms | 1977

February 11, 1977

A speech presented to the American Political Science Association – THE POLITICS OF AGRICULTURAL LAND PRESERVATION | 1976

September 5, 1976

Article Published in “The Network Quarterly” – Farmers, Consumers, and Agribusiness | 1976

September 1, 1976

China Slide Show || 1975 -1976

January 7, 1976

Producing China’s Food on 50,000 Party-Controlled Agricultural Communes: Roger’s 1975 Trip Report and Photos

July 1, 1975

Speech titled Nutrition And How Food Is Grown 1970s

March 20, 1975

Book Chapter in “Food For People, Not For Profit” – Wresting Agriculture from Corporate Farmers | 1975

March 10, 1975

A speech titled “Energy Efficient Small Family Farms” | 1970s

February 11, 1975

A study report to the Citizens Advisory Committee on Environmental Quality – The Loss Of Agricultural Land | 1974

February 11, 1974

Statement by Roger Blobaum Before Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy Of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Land Ownership And Control | 1974

January 29, 1974

Special Report published in “The Link Newsletter” – The Family Farm Versus Agribusiness: Will the Corporations Take Over Food Production? | 1973

August 20, 1973

Remarks at the Land Reform Conference San Francisco | 1973

April 26, 1973

Speech at the Catholic Rural Life Conference on Corporate Farming Issues | 1973

January 23, 1973

Statement to the Subcommittee on Monopoly, Senate Small Business Committee | 1971

November 23, 1971

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Senator Gaylord Nelson Introduces Legislation to Ban DDT | 1966

July 12, 1966

PRESS RELEASE: Senator Nelson Urges the USDA to Stop Recommending DDT | 1966

June 19, 1966

DDT News Clippings | 1966

February 10, 1966

FARM BILL: Testimony On Long-Term Cropland Adjustment | 1965

June 30, 1965

PRESS RELEASE: Gaylord Nelson’s Plan To Use Small “Wildlife Service Payments” | 1965

February 10, 1965

INSIDE ORGANIC: Decision Allowing Monsanto and Others to Pour Political Money Into Congressional Campaigns Is a Threat to Organic Agriculture July/August 2010

July 1, 2010

INSIDE ORGANIC: Getting All 27 Agencies to Support Organic Farming: A New USDA Approach that Seems to be Underway May/June 2010

June 30, 2010

INSIDE ORGANIC: USDA Had an Organic Farming Coordinator in 1980; Call for Reinstatement Now Made 30 Years Later (March 2010)

March 1, 2010

Iowa Farmer’s Transition to Organic Pays Dividends In Fertile Soil, Healthy Livestock, and Direct Markets

January 1, 1974

‘Every Year Was Better; The Fourth Was the Turning Point. It Was Just Wonderful To Be Able to Farm That Way Again’

February 1, 1974

Kansas Organic Farmer’s Profitable Operation Bypasses Traditional Market System Entirely

March 1, 1974

Three Nebraska Organic Farmers Beat Worst Drought Since the 1930s

May 1, 1974

Organic Farmer in Northwest Minnesota Is Operating One of the Nation’s Largest On-Farm Milling Setups

April 1, 1974

Organic Farmers in 17 States Market Commodities At Premium Prices Through New Marketing Agency 1972-1975

April 18, 1974

Madison Co-op History 1972-1975

April 18, 1973

How Organic Practices Transformed Scalped Hilltop Acreage Into ‘Organic Experimental Acres’ Homesite in South Dakota 1972-1975

April 18, 1974

Restored Water-Powered Roller Mill in Minnesota Enables Grain Farmers to Reach National Markets for Organic Flour 1972-1975

April 18, 1974

Nebraska Experiment Station Leader Outlines Details of Midwest’s First Organic Farming Trials 1972-1975

March 23, 1975

INSIDE ORGANIC: Farmers and Researchers Team Up: How This Helps Organic Farmers Shape the Research Being Done (Jan/Feb 2010)

January 4, 2010

European Soil Scientists Discuss Biological Farming at Summer Organic Farming Workshop at Boys Town 1972-1975

April 19, 1973

Iowa Farmers Report Organic Methods Guarantee Good Crops in Drought Years 1972-1975

April 19, 1972

Nebraska Cattle Feeder Sells Organically-Grown Beef Direct 1972-1975

April 19, 1973

South Dakota Organic Livestock Producers Tell Their Veterinarian: ‘We Didn’t Switch Veterinarians: We Just Don’t Need You Anymore’ 1972-1975

April 19, 1975

INSIDE ORGANIC: Putting Organic Integrity First at the NOP: Is This New USDA Commitment for Real? (Nov/Dec 09)

November 1, 2009

INSIDE ORGANIC: USDA’s Surprising Decision to Order a Rigorous Outside Audit of Its Organic Accreditation Program Is a Huge Step Forward (Sept/Oct 09)

September 1, 2009

INSIDE ORGANIC: Market-Led or Government-Facilitated Organic Growth? Results Show Market-Led Approach Has Fallen Short (July/Aug 2009)

July 1, 2009

INSIDE ORGANIC: Environmental Plan Forwarded to Obama Team Calls for More Support for Organic Agriculture (May-June 09)

May 1, 2009

INSIDE ORGANIC: New Census of Agriculture Numbers Support the Claim Organic Is One of Agriculture’s Fastest Growing Sectors (March/April 09)

March 1, 2009

INSIDE ORGANIC: Organic Farming Memo to New Obama Administration: An Organic Program Upgrade Is Badly Needed at USDA (Jan/Feb 09)

January 1, 2009

INSIDE ORGANIC: Congress Pressured to Cut Mandatory Organic Research Funding (Nov/Dec 08)

November 1, 2008

INSIDE ORGANIC: National Organic Program Is Undermining Materials Review Authority Granted to the NOSB to Help Define Organic and Guarantee Its Integrity (Sept/Oct 08)

September 1, 2008

INSIDE ORGANIC: Farm Bill Includes Significant Gains for Organic Farming But Falls Far Short of Achieving an Organic ‘Fair Share’ (July/Aug 08)

July 1, 2008

INSIDE ORGANIC: Controversial Congressional “Oink Oink” Funding Process Is Potential Source of More Organic Program Support (May/June 08)

May 1, 2008

INSIDE ORGANIC: IFOAM’s Drive to Ditch Its Basic Standards Stirs Up A Global Fight Over Organic Values (March/April 08)

March 1, 2008

INSIDE ORGANIC: New Michigan Global Yield Comparison Study Challenges Critics Who Claim Organic Farmers Can’t Feed the World (Jan/Feb 08)

January 1, 2008

INSIDE ORGANIC: The NOSB Completes Fifteen Often Bumpy Years Dealing with USDA Facilitating Public Participation and Protecting Organic Integrity (Nov/Dec 07)

November 1, 2007

INSIDE ORGANIC: Surprise NOP Auditor Visits to Organic Farms and Processors in China is Overdue Response to Concerns About Integrity of Organic Food Imports (Sept 07)

September 1, 2007

INSIDE ORGANIC: Organic Farming and Global Climate Change: Organic Farming’s Contribution to Mitigating the Impact of Global Warming, Although Fully Documented, Gets Little Public Notice and Is Not Rewarded (July 07)

July 1, 2007

INSIDE ORGANIC: Organic Farmers Make Gains in Political Access and Support For Organic Appropriations and Farm Bill Organic Initiatives (May 07)

May 1, 2007

INSIDE ORGANIC: Collecting and Reporting Organic Data, Slowed by Setbacks, Is Expected to Get a Strong New Push This Year on Capitol Hill (March 07)

March 1, 2007

INSIDE ORGANIC: Year-End Congressional Appropriations Meltdown Wipes Out Last Chance for 2007 USDA Certification Cost-Share Funding for Midwest Organic Farmers (Jan 07)

January 1, 2007

Minnesota Farmers Make History by Obtaining the Nation’s First Organic Farming Research Grant

January 1, 1975