1993-2008 Organic Agriculture in China

From 1993-2008 Roger made 9 consulting trips in China, presenting lectures on organic agriculture at China Agricultural University, and traveling widely to visit both organic and Green Food operations. This collection includes texts of presentations, a copy of the short course materials, photographs, and other materials prepared for and/or collected during these consulting trips.

A speech presented at the Woodrow Wilson Center titled “Sustainable Agriculture In China” | 2003

Remarks by Roger Blobaum, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC, March 13,2003 Sustainable Agriculture In China I want to begin by saying that I have had, and still have, some professional involvement in the evolution of the organic farming sector in China. This presentation, as a result, will include occasional references to my own experience and observations. It will be a little different from the well-footnoted papers one might expect at institutions like the Woodrow Wilson Center. It is important to stress at the outset that the organic sector in China


Presentation given in Beijing, China titled “Organic Food Exports from China to the United States” | 2000

Roger Blobaum of Blobaum & Associates, The National Conference on Organic Food Exports, April 25, 2000, in Beijing, China. I. Introduction This presentation includes: (1) a description of the U.S. organic agriculture sector; (2) a description of the U.S. organic market; (3) a description of the current U.S. regulatory framework; (4) a discussion of proposed regulatory changes likely to be implemented, and (5) a discussion of special requirements for organic exports to the U.S.


A speech on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in Asia | 1996

By Roger Blobaum, October, 26, 1996 In a 1911 book entitled ‘Farmers of Forty Centuries,” F.H. King, retired chief of USDA’s Division of Soil Management, described how farmers in Asia had farmed the same fields for 4,000 years without destroying their fertility. L. F. Bailey, in the preface to this agricultural classic, said the book’s greatest contribution was reminding Americans that the first priority of farming is caring for the soil:


Presentation to the Green Food Association, Xian, China 1995

Before there was an organic program in China there was a sustainable agriculture organization called “Green Food” with staff in every major city. Roger Blobaum was invited for a week to brief Green Food staff on  organic certification and accreditation standards. The last evening he was told there was going to be a national training session in Xian the next day and they wanted him to give a half-day program. He sat in a hotel room and wrote this 45-page long hand presentation. He’s told me that the entire time he was talking he could look out and the audience was very serious, writing as fast as they could. He felt trusted and that he was making a difference. To request entire document email: atina (at) organicfarmingworks (dot) com