1964-1966 DDT BAN Senator Gaylord Nelson

From 1964-1966, Roger Blobaum served as a press secretary and legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisconsin.) Documents relate to work developing and promoting legislation to ban the manufacture of DDT, a new conservation title that was included in the 1965 farm bill and some text of pesticide issue interviews of Senator Nelson.

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Senator Gaylord Nelson Introduces Legislation to Ban DDT | 1966

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — July 12, 1966 PROHIBITION OF SALE OR SHIPMENT FOR USE IN THE UNITED STATES OF DDT Mr. NELSON. Mr. President, I now introduce, for appropriate reference, a bill to ban the manufacture of DDT for any use in this country. DDT was first used in the 1940’s to con­trol mosquitoes, flies, and other disease carriers. But strains resistant to the pesticide developed, making spraying less effective. DDT also was used on farm and forestland insects but some of these also developed resistance.


PRESS RELEASE: Senator Nelson Urges the USDA to Stop Recommending DDT | 1966

SENATOR GAYLOED NELSON 404 SENATE OFFICE BUILLING WASHINGTON, D.  C. For Release Sunday, June 19, 1966 by Roger Blobaum, staffer for Senator Gaylord Nelson WASHINGTON, D.C.  — Senator Gaylord Nelson has urged the U. S. Department of Agriculture to stop recommending DDT for use by home gardeners, farmers, and others in combating insect pests. “In view of the overwhelming evidence of damage to the environment and the dangers of DDT contamination of feed and food,” Nelson wrote Secretary of Agriculture Freeman,  “I would appreciate your comments on the possibility of dropping DDT as a recommended pesticide in all cases.”  Nelson’s letter to


FARM BILL: Testimony On Long-Term Cropland Adjustment | 1965

STATEMENT OF SENATOR GAYLORD NELSON TO SENATE AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE ON S. 1702, A BILL FOR A LONG-TERM CROPLAND ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM TO ASSIST PRODU­CERS IN DIVERTING CROPLAND TO CONSERVATION USES, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — June 30, 1965 Summary: Testimony statement of Senator Gaylord Nelson to Senate Agriculture committee on S. 1702, a bill for a long-term cropland adjustment program to assist producers in diverting cropland to conservation uses, and for other purposes. Written by Roger Blobaum, staffer for Senator Gaylord Nelson.