2000-2008 Global Accreditation

Presentation on Global Accreditation of Certifiers, Collaboration with Government Authorities and National Accreditors, and Other Organic Trade Harmonizing Activities of the International Organic Accreditation Service | 2008

By Blobaum, International Organic Accreditation Service, 2008 Website: www.ioas.org  Email: [email protected] The IOAS and its services The International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS), a nonprofit sector-specific international body established by IFOAM 10 years ago, works worldwide providing a broad range of servio relating to conformity assessment in organic agriculture.


Presentation: The Role of Accreditation In Accessing the Global Organic Marketplace | 2003

International Organic Accreditation Service 118 1/2 1st Avenue, South Jamestown, ND 59401 Phone: 701 252 4070   Fax: 701 252 4124 E Mail: [email protected] May 16, 2003 My presentation will focus on the growing number of Third World smallholders who produce organic food, the certifiers who verify their compliance with organic standards and requirements for certification, the importance of accreditation in helping these smallholders gain access to global markets, the financial challenges they face, and the help that they need.