1993-1996 Organic Agriculture in Hungary and Moldova

This collection covers work carried out at the Regional Environmental Center in Budapest to advance sustainable agriculture in twelve Central and Eastern European countries.

Paper titled Current Status and Future Prospects in Selected Countries | 1995

By Roger Blobaum, World Sustainable Agriculture Association. October 1995 INTRODUCTION The main focus of this paper is a review of progress being made in a transition to more environmentally sound farming methods in several important agricultural countries outside of Europe. It reports on agricultural trends and changes underway in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan. These countries, like those in Central and Eastern Europe, developed highly industrialized production systems over the last few decades and now are moving, slowly but surely, in a more environmentally friendly direction. This paper also includes a discussion of new trends and attitudes and of changing policies and model projects and programs that may be adaptable


Presentation given to the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources Republic of Moldova | 1994

By Roger Blobaum at the Senior Staff Seminar, Ministry of Environment & Natural Reources, Republic of Moldova, Kishinev, Moldova, July 8, 1994 I want to express my appreciation to Minister Fandofan for inviting me and to thank all of you for coming.  It is a special privilege to be making a presentation to environmental and natural resources administrators engaged in building a new independent country.  Protecting your new nation’s rich soil and other natural resources is a heavy responsibility. You have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that other countries, including my own, have made.