1989-1994 OFAC Organic Farmers Association Council

OFAC was a national organization of small certification and organic farmer organizations founded in 1989 at an organizing meeting in Leavenworth, Kansas. The collection includes work providing legislative guidance to this organization. The official records of OFAC were rescued from a barn in New York State with the understanding that Roger would make every effort to have them included in my donated collection.

Original OFAC Grant 1992

Organic Farmers Associations Council c/o Janus Farms Institute Rt. 3, Box 494, Silver City, NC 27344Contact Person:  Kate Havel Phone:  919-742-4672 Project Director: John Matthews:  501-446-2171 Amount Requested:  $7,565 March 15, 1992 Summary The Organic Farmers Associations Council (OFAC) is a national non-profit organization made up of state and regional grower and certification organizations. Although it has no paid staff and limited resources, it has gained recognition in the national policymaking arena as an effective