Reviews of Recommended Organic History Books and Resources.

Cultivating a Movement: An Oral History Series on Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming on California's Central Coast

This sampling of narratives is drawn from the first extensive oral history of organic and sustainable farming. It documents a multifaceted and interdependent community of change-makers who speak for themselves, offering a window into the dynamic history of a movement. It encompasses the 1960s through the present.

The documentary oral history project includes fifty-eight interviews with farmers, activists, researchers, and educators. The entire collection of oral histories is also fully searchable through the UCSC Library's Digital Collections site. Here you will find transcripts of all of the interviews in full text (PDF) format, along with audio clips from the oral histories, photographs, and additional resources.

Project conducted by the Regional Oral History Project at the University of California Santa Cruz’s University Library. Publication: September 21, 2011


Atina Diffley, Turn Here Sweet Corn: Organic Farming Works

A MASTER CLASS IN ORGANIC FARMING, a Lesson in Entrepreneurship, a Love Story, and a Legal Thriller. In telling her story of working the land, Atina Diffley reminds us that we live in relationships—with the earth, plants and animals, families and communities. A memoir of making these essential relationships work in the face of challenges from weather to corporate politics, this is a firsthand history of getting in at the “ground level” of organic farming.

Turn Here Sweet Corn is an unexpected page-turner. Atina Diffley’s compelling account of her life as a Minnesota organic farmer is deeply moving not only from a personal standpoint but also from the political. — Marion Nestle, author of What to Eat

University of Minnesota Press, 2012